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Credo Reference Brainteaser: Brands May 3, 2011

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Congratulations, TWC students, you have another semester under your belts.  And just what you need after exams:  more questions.  But these are fun questions and our marketing majors can probably name the answers off the tops of their heads. The rest of you, use Credo Reference to identify the answers.  First to send in the correct answers to adamsj@twcnet.edu will win a book bag.

  1. Name the UK record company founded by Richard Branson.
  2. Which US corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975?
  3. What do the letters “BBC” stand for as the name of the UK state-owned broadcasting network?
  4. Which German brand of automobiles was created by a merger of the Daimler and Benz factories in 1926?
  5. Which make of training shoes is named after the Greek winged goddess of victory?
  6. As the name of a record label, what do the letters “HMV” stand for?
  7. What is the tradename of a brand of soft paper tissue, used for paper handkerchiefs – the world’s first paper handkerchiefs?
  8. What was the first name of the man called Hilton who started Hilton hotels?
  9. What did the inventor of Pepsi-Cola imply by using the word “Pepsi”?
  10. In 1950, what was the first credit card company?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (www.augardebooks.co.uk)


Brainteaser December 3, 2010

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We weren’t going to include a Brainteaser during exam week, but this one looks like a fun one for you rock music lovers.  Take a break from studying to use the Credo Reference database and find the answers to these questions about Lead Guitarists:

  1. In the Rolling Stones, who serves as lead guitarist and coauthor of the majority of their songs?
  2. Who played lead guitar in the Beatles?
  3. Who was the lead guitarist of the Shadows pop group?
  4. Mark Knopfler is the founder and lead guitarist of which rock group?
  5. Jonny Greenwood has been the lead guitarist of which group since 1992?
  6. Which famous group did Eric Clapton join as lead guitarist in 1963?
  7. Who was the lead guitarist in AC/DC who wore a schoolboy cap and short trousers?
  8. Alex Turner is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of which band?
  9. Which “guitar hero” of the seventies, who had a hit single with “Show Me the Way”, briefly became lead guitarist for former schoolmate David Bowie in 1987?
  10. What is the name of Coldplay’s lead guitarist?

Be the first to send your correct answers to adamsj@twcnet.edu and you will win a prize!  TWC students, staff and faculty eligible.