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Today’s Brainteaser September 17, 2010

Posted by mplibrary in fun stuff.

The Friday Brainteaser from Credo Reference!  Use our Credo Reference database to answer these questions.  The first person (TWC Student, faculty or staff) to turn in the correct answers to me adamsj@twcnet.edu will win a prize.


This week’s brainteaser is all about ports: places where ships can load and unload cargo.


  1. What is the principal port and largest city of Australia?
  2. Port Said is a city and seaport in Egypt at the entrance to which canal?
  3. Leith is the port of which Scottish city?
  4. What is the chief port in the Netherlands?
  5. Which port in northern France lies on the shortest crossing of the English Channel?
  6. Is Valparaiso the main port of Peru, Chile or Argentina?
  7. Name the second largest city in Russia, which, by the mid 19th century, was Russia’s leading seaport.
  8. Which port in NW Portugal, near the mouth of the Douro River, is the second largest city in Portugal and famous for port wine?
  9. Port Louis is a port on the Indian Ocean. It is the capital of which country?
  10. Port of Spain is a major port which is the capital of which country?


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