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Today’s Brainteaser January 29, 2010

Posted by mplibrary in fun stuff.

The Friday Brainteaser from Credo Reference
Stumped? Use Credo to look up the answers.

One to Ten
Our brainteasers always have ten questions, but this quiz is about the numbers from one to ten. Each question or answer includes one of those numbers – but they are not in numerical order in the questions.

1. What number in Downing Street is the residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
2. What is a “one-horse town”?
3. A horizontal figure of which number is the symbol for infinity in mathematics?
4. A tetrahedron is a solid figure with how many triangular faces?
5. The ancient city of Rome was built on or about how many hills?
6. A dyad is a social relationship involving how many participants?
7. In cricket, how many runs are scored by a hit which makes the ball clear the boundary without touching the ground?
8. The Three Kingdoms is a period from 220 to 581 in the history of which country?
9. In the song about the twelve days of Christmas, how many drummers were drumming?
10. “The Five” was a group of Russian composers who joined together in about 1875 to create a Russian national music. Name three of these composers.

Answers: http://corp.credoreference.com/quiz



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