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Guest blogger: Brandy Sinclair April 23, 2008

Posted by mplibrary in @ your library.

Today we have Brandy Sinclair as our student guest blogger.

Last semester was my first semester at TWC. I had moved from Florida and fell in love with the school right away. I knew that I wanted to work on campus so that I could meet a lot of people. Remembering how much I had enjoyed myself when I worked in the library at my high school, I hoped that I would be able to experience that again in college.

When I started working in the library I don’t think I had any idea how much it would change the way that I did things. I have to honestly say that I never have been the type that used the library. I thought that I could get any of the information that I needed without using the library. Well, working here sure changed my mind. It wasn’t long after I started that I realized that I was actually making things harder by not using the resources that they have. It seems that the more resources I used, the better I did with my work. Now I couldn’t imagine not using the library.

Working in the library at TWC has been a wonderful experience. I just hope that I will be able to work in the library until I graduate!

Brandy Sinclair



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