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Guest blog: Review of 1602 August 23, 2007

Posted by twcbookwise in Reviews.

Today we welcome guest blogger Nathan Fox to discuss our new graphic novels. Take it away, Nathan!


For those of you familiar with classic Marvel comic characters, 1602 should not be over looked. Mr. Gaiman’s name alone attached to a book about mainstream characters (such as Spider-Man and Captain America) should get TWC’s “fanboys” rushing through the doors of our library. The art done by Mr. Kubert does his family’s legacy in comics complete justice. The story brings Marvel’s classic heroes and villains to a time before bombs and machine guns. But while the times are simpler, rest assured, true believers, the danger is even greater. James of Scotland is about to take the throne with Dr. Doom backing him. Unfortunately for our heroes though, that is the least of their troubles.

If you do happen to read this book and like what you see, the library is getting in Ultimate Sandman Vol. 1 also by Mr. Gaiman. Also, I love the fact that the library is diving into the sea of graphic novels that are out there. Please help me by encouraging them to continue getting more in. I mean who else out there would love to see a copy of one of Frank Miller’s Sin City stories or DC comic’s Kingdom Come here in our library. Until next time “EXCELSIOR” as Stan Lee likes to say.




1. Anonymous - August 28, 2007

You got me wanting to read this I will maybe over Christmas Break.

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