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Cool and uncool June 8, 2007

Posted by twcbookwise in @ your library.

Even though it’s summer, stuff is still happening here at the library, some cool and some not. Here’s how it breaks down:

Uncool: Starting about 9 a.m. this coming Tuesday (June 12), our servers will be down for a few hours. This means the online catalog will not be working and the links on our website to all our databases won’t work either. We don’t know how long this will last, although everyone involved is working hard to make it as short a time as possible. 

Cool: We’ll post working links to the databases here, just like last time we had this problem. At least this time we know it’s coming! And once the server is all fixed up, everything should run more smoothly.

Uncool: Apparently, there is a multi-level marketing company that is also calling itself Bookwise. (No, I won’t link to them. Google at your own risk.) We had the name first, as did several bookstores around the country, so we’re staying right here. It should be pretty obvious that we’re a college library and aren’t selling anything you haven’t already paid for with your tuition.

Cool: Our BookWise turns up on the first page of results when you Google us! Sure, it’s the very last entry on the page. But we think it’s pretty nifty for little old us to get such a high ranking.



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