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Book Burning: it is right under our noses February 26, 2007

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Freadom is an organization devoted to exposing violations of the freedom to read, especially in Cuba.  As recently as 2003, Fidel Castro ordered the incineration of thousands of books, magazines, and other documents.  Freadom works to bring attention to book banning, to keep a list of burned books and invite people to read them, to invite authors to join together to protest book banning, and to challenge the American Library Association to get involved against Cuban atrocities.

Freadom’s web site:  http://www.4freadom.org/index.html  Features lists of books burned in Cuba and links to Cuban resources, Cuban independent libraries, classroom activities, information on book banning worldwide, and more

Freadom’s blog:  http://www.4freadom.blogspot.com/

Independent librarians in Cuba were also targeted in 2003 as “dissidents” for housing books in their homes and loaning them out to people.  This article in the Orlando Sentinel describes Freadom’s  involvement in recent controversy taking place in Miami-Dade public schools as well as the situation in Cuba. 

Nueva Republica independent library in Cuba

Nueva Republica independent library in Cuba. 



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