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Library Ghosts October 24, 2006

Posted by mplibrary in fun stuff.

As mentioned in the Oct. 16 post, the Merner Pfeiffer Library is haunted.  The light in the cupola was out of order for decades.  No one wanted to climb up on the slate roof to try to repair the electrical work.  And yet, every few years, the light would suddenly and mysteriously shine.  Then, just as mysteriously, it would be dark again.   We all referred to the puzzling light as the “ghost”.  During the recent painting, the electrical wiring was repaired and the fixture replaced.  Is the ghost no more?  If you are in the library alone, the creaks and groans will make you think there is still a ghost wandering, looking for other appliances to haunt.

Libraries have a long tradition of ghosts, and you can even view 4 ghost cams in this beautiful, old Evansville, IN library: http://www.libraryghost.com/  (Be sure to turn on your speakers!)





1. Ashley Edwards - October 25, 2006

TWC is a pretty freaky place! No wonder it’s on the top list of America’s most-haunted! 🙂

2. devan chandler - November 20, 2006

ok, im not that much of a beleiver, but when i was in the 10th grade, i went to this website i saw a pic if the “grey lady” or whatever her name was. she was staring straight at the cam and it FREAKED ME OUT!!! lol any way those noises might be her… >:)

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